WhatsApp offers Rs 255 cashback to all senders ?

WhatsApp launched its UPI service in India late last year. This is a feature that allows customers to send and receive money within WhatsApp. But WhatsApp is facing stiff competition from other UPI services. WhatsApp has yet to make significant efforts to gain regular customers. But now WhatsApp has introduced a cashback program for its customers. Those who make payments through WhatsApp will get a cashback of Rs 51.

Currently, Google Pay and PhonePe are offering such cashback. WhatsApp is trying to follow the same path. A banner related to this has appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp. The cashback program has not been officially announced.

How to get Rs 51 on WhatsApp ?

The latest beta version of WhatsApp shows a banner above the chat window. In the message, ‘Give cash, get Rs 51 back’. Anyone who sends money through WhatsApp will get Rs 51. A WhatsApp account can only get Rs 51 five times, which means you can get Rs 255 cashback per person.

According to reports, even a single rupee is likely to get cashback. Cashback will be credited to the account upon completion of the transaction.

It is not clear how long this cashback program will last.

How to use WhatsApp UPI ?

Open the WhatsApp app and open the three dot menu at the top right. Select Payment in it.
Select the Add payment method option.
Select the bank after verification.
New You can send money to those on the contact list by selecting New Payment in the bottom right of the Payment section.
As each chat window opens, you will see the payment option next to the attachment button below.