Vu Latest TV/ Vu Masterpiece 85 inch QLED 120Hz display Tv

Vu Group has launched new 85 inch TV with Qled technology,bezel less screen and the company says it offers exquisite build qulity. It features striking black and Armani Gold finish that has hints of rose gold and the champagne. It has an stylised textures. It is powerful with a 50 watt soundbar with Dolby and sports a high brightness o 1000 nits. It has feature of Pixelium Glass technology that enhances the brightness by optimising light reflections by 40%.

Vu Technologies is a US-based brand that makes extremely affordable televisions that come with top-notch features. lt has a very responsive customer service and is a great alternative for people who do not want to go ahead and spend a fortune on television. THE Vu TV price in India is very reasonable. which makes it high in demand.

The Vu Masterpiece TV stands for everything we at The Vu Group believe in sheer luxury, immaculate design & engineering, and a true symbol of class and prestige. It pays homage to the great designers, avant-garde architects, and master builders of our time, and can transform even a spartan space into a moving experience. The Vu Masterpiece TV is the ultimate statement for beautiful homes and offices whether the interior design concept is minimalist, mid-century modern, or even contemporary luxury.

We envisioned the Vu Masterpiece TV in black and gold as these two colors are a contrast not just visually, but also thematically. Gold represents beauty and flamboyance, while black is the timeless symbol of sophistication and power. To take it a step further, we finetuned the tone of gold to give it a nuanced and subtle aesthetic.

We call it Armani Gold, as it exudes finesse and at the same time evokes, both, the grace of rose gold and the buoyancy of champagne. View the Vu Masterpiece TV from any angle and you will find a great emphasis on stylized textures that offer a remarkable tactile experience. The sides similarly sport a diamond-cut finish, and the base features a metal mesh grill that discreetly houses a powerful soundbar.

Every single Vu Masterpiece that comes out of our labs has been crafted with zero compromises and is a testament to flawless workmanship. We have innovatively used metal alloy, precision glass, CNC manufacturing, and robotic assembly to create a striking bezel-less screen. The Masterpiece also features Vu’s celebrated Pixelium Glass technology that enhances its brightness by optimizing light reflections by 40%. All of this comes together to create the epitome of style-meets-quality and a landmark in televisions.



Vu Masterpiece that comes out of 85 inch Qled 4K smart Tv and the price is 350000 lakh and will be available across the retail stores.