Voice over Internet Protocol

Over the Internet or any IP address. Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that transmits voice and speech over a network. Voice over IP This technology is also known as Internet Telephony and VoIP. Converts analog sound waves to digital data: IP Passing through the network. Voice over IP Using a special type of IP from a computer, or from a traditional telephone with a special adapter attached. You can talk on the phone.

Voice over IP is a revolutionary technology capable of transforming traditional telephone systems around the world.

Protocols that carry voice signals include voice over IP. Known as protocols. Voice signals and data are transmitted over the same network and do not cost as much as a traditional telephone system. The time is not far away when this technology will be of no use to the traditional telephone system as a whole

In India

BSNL India, a public sector undertaking, provides internet telephony services under the name ‘Wings’. This is a system that allows you to make calls to any number in India through the BSNL mobile app.