Malware and BlotWire, which live on Android users, are a major headache today.

Android is a mobile operating system that is flexible to the liking of the users and is popular with the vast majority of technology lovers as it is easy to use and upgradeable.

But there are many who take advantage of this open mind of Android. Malware and BlotWire, which live on Android users, are a major headache today.

Although Google itself occasionally removes malicious apps from the Play Store, some popular apps still roam the Play Store without any challenges.

Knowing how much information and data they leak without anyone knowing can be eye-popping. If you are familiar with eight such dangerous apps ….

If any of the following apps are used by readers, it is a good idea to remove them from your phone permanently.

  • UC Browser UC Browser is a browser owned by UC Web, a subsidiary of Chinese tech giant Alibaba. It is arguably the most downloaded browser on the Android platform. Cybersecurity analysts say the UC browser does not adequately protect their data transmissions. They also warn that this could lead to the use of users’ personal information by intelligence agencies or hackers.
  • Substitutes:
    Brave Browser,
    Mozilla Firefox,
    Google Chrome,
    Duck Duck Go Browser,
    Edge Browser …
    And are in the Play Store with great features. Download and use any of them.
  • CLEANit: Cleanit is one of the few apps that promise to clean up junk files on the phone and increase speed and storage. One would be shocked to see the permissions we have to give to run this app which has millions of downloads in the Play Store. Keep in mind that such apps are not required for modern smartphones and are more likely to leak data. Apart from harming the phones, such apps do not focus on any benefits. Clearing the cache frequently really slows down the phone. They get some memory but they are only temporary. Another hollow promise is to stop apps running in the background and increase battery life. However, they do not significantly change the battery life of the phone.
  • Substitutes:
    If you really want such apps …
    Cyclecleaner …
    You can use apps like
  • Dolphin Browser
  • (Dolphin Browser) Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular third-party browsers. This is the most dangerous browser that secretly tracks users. Over the past few years, Dolphin Browser has been saving and abusing everything users search for, including in Incognito mode. They also complain that even when using a VPN, the original IP address of the user is revealed.
  • Virus Cleaner
  • (Antivirus Free & Phone Cleaner) * Virus Cleaner is an app with 14 million downloads. It is also a unique app that claims to cool the CPU, have a super speed booster, secure WiFi, and fight off viruses. It is also an app that constantly displays ads, including unreliable brands. One of the must-have apps for Android users.
  • Substitutes:
    Kaspersky …
    Use apps like.
  • Super VPN – (SuperVPN Free VPN Client) The app has been downloaded by over 100 million people through the Play Store. Earlier this year, however, cybersecurity analysts claimed that the application contained serious vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to carry out MitM (man-in-the-middle) attacks. They also warn of the possibility of personal information being stolen, including credit card details, photos, and private chats.
  • Substitutes:
    Express VPN,
    Nord VPN,
  • Super Clean (Master Clean – Master of Cleaner) * The app has over 26 million installations in the Super Clean Play Store. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the apps that does not give any benefits to our phones. At the same time, it is prone to accidents, including leakage. With the false promise of increasing battery life and making the phone faster, there is no point in having such apps.
  • Fildo Music – Fildo Music was once an app that helped people download songs illegally. The app also provided users with the opportunity to download songs for free under the guise of an MP3 player. However, with the capture of Place Story, they discontinued the song download feature. Fildo, which is now a music management app, recently joined hands with the controversial Chinese entertainment company.
  • Substitutes:
    A. I.M.P.,
  • ES File Explorer File Manager is an app used by millions of people. The app, which was previously removed by Google officials from the Play Store, is still being used by people in other ways. However, it is best to remove it from the phone as soon as possible. Experts in the field warn that hackers and app developers can easily access the information, pictures, and videos of those who install ES File Explorer on their phones. There are many non-dangerous file manager apps available in the Play Store. Download them. Here are some other apps to keep in mind …
    Clean Master,
    DU Battery Saver,
    And Quick Pic Gallery.