IPL 2020: Hyderabad X Rajasthan- These game numbers should be known.

Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad will meet in the Indian Premier League today. A good fight can be expected as both teams need to win today to maintain their playoff chances. After losing the last four matches, Rajasthan needs to return to winning ways today. Otherwise, it will be a huge setback to playoff expectations. With Hyderabad in good form, Rajasthan will have to put in the best performance to win. Ben Stokes may play for Rajasthan today Before the fight for survival, let’s look at the key game figures between the two teams.

Direct fight.

So far, Hyderabad and Rajasthan have met in 11 matches, of which Hyderabad has won 6 and Rajasthan 5. In 2014, when they played in the UAE, Rajasthan beat Delhi. But in the current form, it will not be easy for Rajasthan to win. Rajasthan will have to put in the best performance to capture Hyderabad, which has the best batting and bowling power.

More runs-wickets.

Hyderabad’s top scorer against Rajasthan Royals is David Warner (189). Warner is in perfect form, scoring a half-century in the final. Sanju (320) is the key man for Rajasthan. But Sanju has not been able to shine in the last four matches. Sanju comes out playing unnecessary shots on big grounds.

Current Hyderabad bowlers Rashid Khan and Siddharth Kaul (4) have taken the most wickets against Rajasthan. The cowl may not be included in the playing XI. Rashid Khan is in good form. For Rajasthan, Shreyas Gopal and Jayadev Unadghat (5) took the most wickets. Hyderabad’s Warner (4) and Rajasthan’s Sanju (8) were the top scorers. Against Rajasthan, Hyderabad has an average score of 150 and Rajasthan has an average score of 144.

Waiting milestones.

If Hyderabad captain David Warner scores 67 runs today, he can earn a place in the 5000-run club in the IPL. With 2 more runs, Warner will be able to complete 3,500 runs for Hyderabad. Manish Pandey needs 9 runs to get a place in the 3000-run club. Sandeep Sharma needs three wickets to complete 100 IPL wickets. This is Sanju Samson’s 100th IPL match. If Jose Butler scores 7 sixes and 11 runs, he can complete 50 sixes and 1000 runs for Rajasthan. Rajasthan’s Steve Smith needs 53 runs to complete 1000 runs as captain.