How to take E-CURFEW passE

You can apply for Yatra Pass online. Who will receive and how to apply ?

Kerala Police Portal for submitting affidavit/ pass requests during lockdown 2021 due to COVID-19. An online pass application system has been introduced for travel during emergencies in lockdown.

Police have made the pass mandatory for travel in the wake of the lockdown imposed in the state. The online system for applying for a police pass will be available on the site. Until then, people can travel with affidavits or identity cards. Those who need the pass urgently can apply for the pass directly by approaching the Station House Officers. Passes for both directions will be issued by the Station House Officer at the point of departure.

The e-pass is also required to travel out of the district in case of emergency. Travel outside the district is permitted only for the death of a next of kin, marriage, visit of a very close relative, or transfer of a patient for treatment. Any identification document should be taken care of while traveling with e-pass.

The name, location, and purpose of the trip must be recorded when applying for the pass online. After checking this, the special branch will issue the travel permit. Once the permission is obtained, the OTP can be sent to the applicant’s mobile phone. Will come and the license will be available on the phone. This is the only way to travel.
The pass will be issued for emergencies such as death, hospitalization, and the marriage of a close relative. Daily wage earners and domestic workers can also apply. The application should be submitted directly or through the employer. Essential services such as hospital staff and journalists can travel without a pass.

The same website also has a facility to know the current status of the pass after applying. The current status of the pass can be ascertained by entering the mobile number and date of birth. You don’t need to print the e-pass. Just show through the mobile.


Those who are going to get vaccinated and those who go to the shops near their home for essentials do not need to apply for the online pass. All you have to do is keep the self-prepared affidavit in hand. A sample of this is also given on the same website. It can be downloaded, printed, and filled out, or made into white paper in the same format.


self-prepared affidavit