How to check LPG subsidy amount status online – Gas subsidy from my bank account?

The Central Government launch a number of schemes to ensure the financial security of the common people in all areas. As part of this, LPG gas cylinder have been provided subsidy. But in last few months, the central government not provided the subsidies for LPG cylinder. So it makes a huge impact in ordinary people’s life. Now the government has come up with a new announcement about LPG gas cylinder. According to this, Rs. 79.26 per cylinder will be received in the customer’s bank account as subsidy. If consumers using LPG gas cylinders do not get subsidy. There are a lot of reasons exists.

From the last few days as per gas cylinder price is very high. In this situation, it is very difficult not to get any subsidy for ordinary people. Although the amount of subsidy amount is very small, but consider the present situation it makes a great relief to ordinary people.

How to check LPG subsidy amount status online : gas subsidy from my bank account?

  • Step 1:Open the official website of LPG Here it will provide all information about LPG gas cylinders.
  • Step 2: Now, The photo of the 3 gas cylinder companies can be seen on the right side of the page.
  • Step 3:You can select the photo of your LPG Gas cylinder service provider from these.
  • Step 4:From that page given the details of the gas cylinder provider in detail.
  • Step 5:At the top of the page, you will get the sign in option or new user registration option.
  • Step 6: If you have created the account, login to the account with your user credentials.
  • Step 7:Those who do not currently have an account, can create an account using the New User option.
  • Step 8:Now, click on the option to the right side of the View Cylinder Booking History that the cylinders you booked.
  • Step 9:Here you get the information about whether you get subsidy or not.
  • 10) If the gas subsidy is not available in your bank account, you can contact the help center using the toll-free number 18002333555.

How much is getting for LPG gas subsidy?

The LPG gas subsidy is Rs 79.26 per gas cylinder for domestic use. But in the past days, the subsidy amount was up to Rs 200. But In this situation where the price of LPG is increasing day by day, the small amount of subsidy is received is beneficial.