Connecting two TVs from one set box is something that benefits everyone

Homes without televisions are rare nowadays. Some homes may have more than one TV. With the availability of cable DTH services today, we can watch our favorite channels on TV. It is also possible to connect from one set box to two TVs. This is possible from the cable TV set box and the dish receiver. Let’s see how it connects. It only has an AV portal to give a connection to a TV. In order to give it a connection to two TVs, we have to split each socket and make two. It requires 3 pins. There is an RC pin on one side of the pin and two RC sockets on the other side. Connect these three pins to the socket of the box. One must understand where the audio and video are coming from before connecting.

Then connect the audio and video wires to the TV in the same order. Usually, our AV codes are one and a half meters long. The second TV will be in the next room or a little farther away. You will need to purchase the appropriate audio and video codec wires. It is available in all shops up to five meters long. If the TV is located too far away, you can buy a shield wire and solder the RCB on it to make the AV code. The video wires from the two TVs are from the second channel with one channel audio wires from the two TVs and the third back from the next channel audio wires from the two TVs. This is how the audio and video wires should be connected.

If you want to watch both TVs in HTML, you can buy an HTML Splitter. You can buy it and connect both TVs. This splitter can be purchased online. When splitting the video on the receiver, whether it is via AV or HTML, the channels change on both TVs at the same time. The same channel as seen on one TV is seen on the second TV. Take a parent connection and a child connection. The service charges a full charge for the parent connection and half the charge for the child connection. We enable multi-connection in DTH using two or more LNBs.