Application restriction on boarding pass.

Completion of steps to link airlines to the application.

Boarding Passes for Domestic Air Services’ Electronic with that health status in the Tawakkalna application The steps related to the system have been completed.

Tawakkalna (Covid-19 KSA) is the official Saudi Contact Tracing app. Approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of coronavirus and for verifying or providing proof of an individual’s vaccination status and showing current infection, or history of infection., and was developed by the National Information Center.

The application provides instant and live information about the number of coronavirus infections in the Kingdom, and helps in the early detection of possible infections once users show coronavirus symptoms. It allows citizens and residents to request movement permits in cases of necessity during curfew; follow-up on their permit request status during curfew; and notify them when they are close to infectious or isolated areas. Through the app., they can also report COVID-19 suspected cases to help individuals receive the health care they, or others, need.

Health Status in the Application for Boarding Pass, The Aviation Authority said in a recent statement that it would link up. It was. State Security Presidency, South Authority for Data & R Physical Intelligence, Ministry of Health, National Aviation Company Minimal equivalence of co-operation between you and the IT company Such a project is being implemented. Electronic system binds all international airlines, The copy is complete.

Tawakkalna application

‘Injected person’ and ‘First dose’ in the application Infected Cured Unconfirmed Electronic summaries are for those who display statistics issue boarding passes through Dhanati. Passenger experience enhanced by utilizing technological capabilities Procurement implemented with the support of the Authority for the purpose.

By connecting all the airlines with the new system is preparing for that healthy and safe magic journey. Targeted by the National Authority.

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