What are the features of the new operating system, Windows 11?

When will you get Windows 11 OS on your computer? What does it take?

Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows 11, the most widely used computer operating system in the world. The new OS is designed to address consumer grievances so far by focusing on a variety of areas, including productivity, creativity, and gaming. Known as the OS that has undergone the most changes in the last six years and is one of the most important updates in history, Windows 11 has been named. Windows 11 will soon be available on your PCs, laptops, and tabs. Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025. Microsoft has listed the EOL (End of Life) for the Windows 10 operating system for the Home and Pro versions through its website. The company is discontinuing the latest updated version of Windows 10 to nurture its new OS (operating systems). Therefore, those who are new to Windows should keep this in mind.

When a company stops updating an operating system called End of Life (EOL), the operating system usually becomes inactive. It also encourages users to go for the latest version. Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 11 is the next-generation OS .The reason why Windows 10 retirement lasts until 2025 is that it will often take some time for people to upgrade from one Windows operating system to another.

These are the new changes

Improved voice typing and voice command facilities

One of the major changes is the new ‘Start Menu’. The ‘Start Button’ has also been updated. Both of these have been moved to the center of the taskbar
The Start button is now in the center of the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

‘Live Tiles’ is another important feature. This will allow you to quickly return to the app you were using. One of these was introduced in Windows 8, but was withdrawn due to criticism. It’s reminiscent of the launcher on Chrome OS and Android, but you can also see the look of the macOS here. The importance given to the circular shape cannot be overlooked.

11Light mode and dark mode in Windows 11 provide more comfort to the eyes than is currently available.

One of the new features is ‘Snap Layouts’. Apps can be switched to multiple OS-supported modes. It also has a snap group layout. This is to find out where the apps are stored. This is especially useful when using multiple displays.

It is also claimed to excel in performance. Software updates sent to Windows 11 can be up to 40 percent smaller and more efficient. As long as the updates take place in the background.

The attempt to make the video calling app Microsoft Teams an integral part of Windows is also evident. It has been brought in a way that is beneficial to business users as well as the general consumer alike. There will also be teams in the taskbar itself.

The other two additional features are ‘Windows Widgets’ and ‘Touch Gestures’. These are just some goal setting shareware that you can use

Feeds will be provided knowing the interests. It includes news, weather and map. It is also rumored to be a way for local content creators to make money.

Gestures and touch are more important. Windows is also being upgraded to be a more useful tool with touch and pen. Touching can be experienced with the use of certain types of pens.

Another feature is voice typing. For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed name-calling, this is a great way to write down things on your laptop. GIFs can be customized on the keypad. This is something reminiscent of a smartphone keypad.

Another important feature is the care for gamers. Auto HDR will be one of the features of the Windows 11 package. This will give you a better view of the game and more. But, as with many other features, you need supported hardware. This can only be utilized if there is a monitor that supports Auto HDR.

The Xbox Game Pass is also included in Windows. This will be through the Xbox app. Sync with Excel Cloud is also underway. I hope streaming games from Microsoft Cloud will be much easier.

Smartphone apps can run on Windows. The Microsoft Store also has changes. Microsoft has decided to give access to the store to many popular apps that are not currently available in the Windows Store. Many apps like Instagram and TicTalk are expected to hit the Microsoft Store. (One of the biggest controversies in the technology industry right now is about the money Apple and Google are illegally embezzling from their App Stores. Both companies take up to 30 percent of the app developers’ revenue. They have informed that they have not received any money from the app developers. This may excite app developers. I think the idea of Satya Nadella’s Microsoft, not Microsoft, of former bosses Bill Gates and Steve Balmer, may have prompted him to think this way.

Compatible hardware is also required to take advantage of all the features. Be aware that you will be buying more smart PCs and laptops in the coming years. Microsoft does not disappoint many current Windows users.
Anyway at this point one thing that consumers want to know is whether they will get the new OS.

These are the hardware components that must be present in the computer to install Windows 11 OS.

Compatible 64-bit processor chip with 1 GHz or faster at least 2 cores
64 GB or more storage
system firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot Capable
The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 With WD DM 2.0 driver with DirectX 12 or later 20720 pixels HD display

Use Windows 11 Home Edition requires Internet connectivity and a Microsoft account. Connectivity is also required to take advantage of all the features of the new OS.

The above are the most basic features to use Windows 11. In addition to this, if you want to take advantage of some features, including 5G support, you need to have the appropriate technical features in your computer. The company has not decided when the update will start rolling out. It is expected to launch in early 2022. Not all Windows 10 PCs that are compatible with Windows 11 will receive the upgrade at the same time. However, computers with Windows 11 installed will be available later this year.

The new OS is designed to reduce the size, increase operating speed, and limit power consumption, taking into account long-standing customer complaints. Simply put, Windows 11 is designed to compete with Apple’s Mac OS and Google’s Android.

The taskbar, widgets, Windows menu, and start-up tone have all been changed, targeting traditional computers as well as new touchscreen computers. It also embodies the potential of artificial intelligence. Windows 11 OS guarantees excellent graphics and software support for games, design and video editing. The Microsoft Store is similar to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Developers can build Windows apps for a variety of purposes. Microsoft is taking a more open approach to apps in Windows 11. Mobile apps like Tik tok can also be used in Windows 11. The company welcomes more developers and customers to Windows.
The company also claims that this will be the most secure Windows OS ever released.