From wood to induction; I know how to easily cook with electricity

Haven’t friends seen induction stoves? Learn about the energy technology behind this compact oven for easy cooking with electricity

Friends have seen all these stoves that use wood, gas, and kerosene. Food is cooked in such ovens by giving energy in the form of heat from outside the pot. However, induction stoves generate enough heat to cook food inside the pot. This will reduce a lot of energy loss and make cooking faster and more efficient.

Easy to cook

They work by generating electric vortices inside a vessel using electromagnetic induction. Cooking is a chemical process that has been practiced by humans since ancient times. Cooking helps to destroy the harmful germs in the food and facilitates the digestion and digestion of difficult to digest ingredients. The induction oven and the microwave oven are two important inventions in the technology of cooking in the twentieth century. Both make cooking easier, more efficient, and faster.

Electromagnetic induction

Electricity and magnetism are twins. A magnetic field is generated in its vertical plane where the current is. Similarly, the motion of the magnetic field also forms an electric current. It was first identified by the Dutchman Christian Eastad.

He found that a changing electric current would form a magnetic field. Later, in contrast, the English scientist Michael Faraday proved that electricity could be generated by moving a coil through a magnetic field. This was the first electric generator. We honor Faraday as the father of electricity who made this discovery. Thirty years later, James Clark Maxwell explained the relationship between electricity and magnetism through simple mathematical equations.

Electric eddies

Eddy currents are formed in conductors as a result of a changing magnetic field. Electric vortices can also form as a result of a moving magnetic field. The name comes from the fact that these loop-shaped creatures resemble whirlpools in water. These occur in the vertical direction of the magnetic field. These are formed in the opposite direction of the electric current that causes the magnetic field. The reaction between the two causes a loss of energy through resistance. This energy is lost in the form of heat. Electric vortices are the most common cause of energy loss in transformers and electric motors. However, they have practical uses in many places, such as the benefits of cursing. The magnetic field on the rails creates electric vortices on the wheels to keep the train running at low speeds without any shaking or shaking. Induction stoves are another important use of electric turbines.

Why iron vessels

When an iron object is carried close to a magnet, it is attracted by the magnet. Iron is a substance that naturally exhibits magnetism or ferromagnetism. The natural magnetic field of iron confines the magnetic field formed by the electric vortex to a very thin layer near the surface. However, metals such as aluminum and copper do not show natural magnetism and have better conductivity. This reduces the resistance and reduces the amount of heat generated in them. Cooking will be faster and more efficient only if more heat is generated from the given electricity. This is why only iron-clad vessels are commonly used.

What you need is a natural source

Electricity is the energy source of induction stoves. The use of induction stoves can only be environmentally friendly if it is produced from greener energy sources such as solar and wind. If thermal power is used, it can put more burden on the environment. Such efforts also need to be intensified.

Qualities and limitations

If you touch the utensils after cooking in the induction oven, you will see that they are not overheated as in normal ovens. Heat is produced inside the vessel rather than outside, so it is concentrated in the food. Moreover, the surrounding air is also heated during normal cooking.

The heating of the vessel and air causes great energy loss. This will reduce the efficiency of cooking and increase energy consumption. Cooking is more efficient as the induction oven does not have this loss. Ordinary stoves and gas stoves can cause fires. Such a possibility can be avoided when using induction stoves. Moreover, in a normal oven, the heat is often concentrated in certain parts and some parts burn more. In some other parts, the heat does not reach at all.

The heat distribution in the induction furnace is the same everywhere. This will allow all the parts to cook evenly. As soon as the switch is turned on, a large amount of heat is formed, which takes some time for cooking. Similarly, if the oven is turned off after cooking, it will return to normal very quickly. Having a system that automatically shuts off when it gets too hot will protect food and equipment alike.

Its glass-ceramic surface is also very easy to clean. However, these are relatively more expensive than traditional methods. Also, the glass top may crack if not handled carefully. Many people also find the noise when the cooling fan is running inside annoying.

Structure and function

The main parts are the coil located on the inside of the induction stove and the glass-ceramic surface for placing the outer containers. The operation of the coil is controlled by a simple electronic circuit. A sensor and thermostat are usually included to detect and adjust the excess heat. Utensils used for cooking should be made of magnetic iron, steel, iron, and other metals. When the power is turned on, the AC changes direction instantaneously through the coil. The current is flowing. Then a magnetic field is formed around the coil. The direction of the resulting magnetic field also changes according to the direction of the current. In the conductor in contact with this magnetic field, here it is the cooking pot, generating electricity in the form of a vortex. The magnetic field generated by this will be in the opposite direction of the magnetic field generated by the coil. Large amounts of heat are generated due to the internal resistance of the conductor. This is what is used for cooking.