What is the vaccine? Need a mask again after the injection? Everything you need to know

Can the Covid vaccine have side effects? To whom How much dose? Should the mask be worn again after the vaccine is injected? The world is waiting for the Kovid vaccine. India is also gearing up for the epidemic. The Union Ministry of Health is answering questions regarding the vaccine.

When will the vaccine be given?
Answer: The first phase of the vaccine was delivered to Kerala

Can the vaccine be given to everyone together?
Answer: The government has prepared a list of priority candidates. It is first given to health workers. Second consideration for those over 50 years of age. And those with other illnesses under the age of 50.

Is it mandatory for everyone to be vaccinated?
Answer: Not mandatory. People can decide for themselves. It is advisable for everyone to be vaccinated against the disease and to prevent the spread of the disease to family members, friends and relatives.

Is the vaccine safe because the test is completed and released in a very short time?
Answer: Vaccine distribution will start only after ensuring safety and quality.

Can covid patients be vaccinated?
Answer: If a person with Kovid comes to the vaccination center, it is possible for others to get the disease. Therefore, it is best to vaccinate 14 days after the onset of symptoms.

Should vaccinated people be vaccinated?
Answer: Yes. Those who have come to Kovid are also advised to get vaccinated.
Helps to improve immunity.

Many vaccines are being tested. Which to choose?
Answer: The effectiveness of the experiment will be carefully checked and permission will be granted. There may be differences in the test effectiveness of licensed vaccines. The dose of the same vaccine must be completed. Do not inject alternately.

Is it convenient to keep vaccines at very low temperatures? Is procurement and distribution out of sync?
Answer: India has the most advanced immunization system in the world. Immunizations are given to 2.6 crore newborns and 2.9 crore pregnant women. The country has a system in place to make the vaccine available to a large section of the country.

Is the vaccine in India better than in other countries?
Answer: Absolutely. The vaccine in India has the same quality as the covid vaccine anywhere in the world. Safety and quality are ensured at each stage of the test.

What to do for covid vaccine injection?
Answer: A list of first priority candidates has been prepared. Registration is mandatory. The date, time, and place of vaccination will be notified via SMS to the mobile number provided at the time of registration.

Can those who are not registered get the vaccine?
Answer: No. Registration is mandatory. Other steps will begin shortly thereafter.

What do I need for registration?
Answer: Driving License, Health Insurance Smart Card issued through various schemes of the Ministry of Labor, Employment Guarantee Scheme Job Card, Identity Documents of People’s Representatives, PAN Card, Bank Pass Book, Passport, Pension Records, Voter ID and Employee Identity Card of Central and State Public Sector Undertakings. You can register with one.

What to do when you arrive to get vaccinated?
Answer: Carry a photo ID.

What if the identification document is not available?
Answer: Identity document is mandatory. You need to make sure that the vaccine is given to the registered person.

How is the vaccination process?
Answer: Vaccination information will be communicated via SMS. At the end of each dose, the next dose is announced. When the doses are completed, a certificate in the form of a QR code will be issued.

Can people with other diseases be vaccinated?
Answer: Absolutely. The vaccine can be given to people with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other illnesses.

What to look out for during vaccination?
Answer: Rest for half an hour at the vaccination center after vaccination. Kovid preventive measures such as wearing a mask, using a sanitizer, and maintaining physical distance should be continued.

Can there be side effects?
Answer: The covid vaccine is similar to other vaccines. Security will be ensured. You may experience a slight fever and pain at the injection site. States are advised to make arrangements to deal with side effects.

How many doses? How?
Answer: Two doses. At intervals of 28 days

When will the antibody be present in the body?
Answer: Antibody is formed in the body two weeks after the second dose.