Why on our mobile
Flight mode option available?

There is a standard phrase that is heard just before the start of the flight. The plane is about to take off, requesting that all electronic equipment in hand be turned off or in flight mode. Air hostesses make similar requests when preparing to land a plane. But there are those who argue that mobile or other electronic devices should not actually be turned off or turned into flight mode. Let us examine some things to see which of these is true.

Previously, there were even restrictions on the use of electronic devices on aircraft. However, these are allowed to be used once the aircraft has completed take-off. Previously, such a ban was prompted by suspicions that the use of electronic devices on aircraft could affect the electronic signals received by pilots. These were later allowed to be used because electronic signals would not be received outside the aircraft when the aircraft reached a certain altitude.

But this is not the case when the plane is taking off and landing. Gadgets ranging from phones to laptops are likely to receive many signals from the earth. Receiving signals in this way may affect the signals received by the aircraft. This fear is the reason why MyBall suggests turning on the flight mode and turning off the laptop while taking off and landing.

Scientific evidence.
The scientific answer to the question of whether gadgets are likely to interfere with the signals that are supposed to be received on the plane. But the chances are slim. Gadgets can only influence such signals to a very weak degree. An airplane carrying hundreds of lives cannot be allowed to fly, knowing even the slightest risk of an accident. That is why control is imposed.

The noise made when a mobile phone is sitting near the speaker is an example of the interaction of the waves reaching the mobile. The pilots describe a similar problem that pilots may face. Patrick Smith, an American pilot and author of the book Cockpit Confidential, says that if that happens, many important pieces of information will be blocked from communicating with the control station.

Do you follow the instructions?

Many people, whether they are regular travelers or first-time travelers, are reluctant to switch their mobile phone to flight mode or switch it off. Half of the passengers are reluctant to switch off their phones in this way. The radiation of the current mobile is much less than the radiation of the phone fifteen years ago but the radio traffic it generates when a group of mobiles tries for a signal together is not small.

Even if it affects the signals received by the aircraft, even if it is slight, the threat it poses is very large. Therefore, no matter what the justifications or scientific explanations, for your own safety and the safety of your passengers, it is best to put your mobile flight mode on take-off and landing and turn off any other equipment if you have any.