Fingerprint Assistive Touch is best easy shortcut application.

Fingerprint Assistive Touch is an easy tool for Android devices. It’s fast, it’s smooth, and it’s totally FREE.
With a floating panel on the screen, you can easily use your Android smart phone.
Hide/Show : You can hide or show Fingerprint Assistive Touch.
Edit Apps : You can select your favorite application which you want to open from assistant touch.
Themes : Customize Toucher icon and Background using Color and Image as you want.
Toucher Size : You can change toucher size and transparency.
Layout : You can change controls and layour order.
Fingerprint : Use fingerprint for open single selected application or Assistive Touch.
Ram Booster – Clean Memory : Boost your phone, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save battery.
Quick Toggle include
– Wifi
– Camera
– Bluetooth
– Screen Brightness
– System Settings
– Emergency Flashlight Bright
– Sound Profile mode (Normal mode, Vibrate mode, Silent mode)
– Home Button
– Recent Button
– Notification Panel
– Flight Mode
– Screen Rotation
– Mobile Data
– Volume up and down
– Screen Lock
– All Application
Important Note : This app uses the Device Administrator permission for lock the screen.

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