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Single mobile app for electric vehicle charging across Kerala - KEMapp.

KeMAPP can help you find charging stations across Kerala under KSEB for your electric vehicle and start charge. KSEB is the state-owned electricity regulation board in Kerala, India. They provide electricity to the state and maintain the power grid. KSEB has been promoting the use of electric vehicles and has been working to develop a network of charging stations in the state. To charge your electric vehicle at a KSEB charging station, you will need to follow these steps: Locate a KSEB charging station near you. You can find the list of charging stations on the KSEB website or using an EV charging station locator app. Make sure your electric vehicle is compatible with the charging station. Different charging stations have different plug types and charging speeds. Check if the charging station is available and if there are any fees for using it. Connect your electric vehicle to the charging station using the charging cable. Start the charging process by following the instructions on