Take Me Abroad a unique app

Take Me Abroad is a unique app that gives complete information about abroad Job Recruitment's, Overseas Education, Licensed Recruitment Agents, Migration Procedures, Visits Visa Requirements and Scams, as well as offering Community Forums which allow people to ask their doubts and share their knowledge. It also has a special feature called “Chat with Me" which allows the user to chat with the creator of this app.

Many people don’t know how to apply for a job abroad or whom to contact. In this app, we list job vacancies from various licensed recruitment agents from all over India. In this way, people can see the latest job openings from genuine recruitment agents. Additionally, Take Me Abroad offers an option to check and verify the recruitment agencies' license details, authorized signatory, official address and more.

This application is very useful for students who wish to apply for an education abroad. From the vast ocean of courses in each country, students may find it difficult to find a suitable course for their interests. But through this app, students can find their desired course with ease. The app's database allows students to surf through various courses available in each country and can see the particulars and requirements of each of the programs.

Through the Migration feature, users can easily understand about migration procedures and PR point calculations through very simple procedures and steps. The app also will be checking for the latest migration rules and will be modifying the systems accordingly.

If someone wants to apply for a visit visa and doesn’t know what documents are required for it, with the Take Me Abroad app, you can now see more than 40+ countries visit visa requirements. Now you can plan your vacations with ease.
Another unique feature of this app is the ability to see job visa scams happening all over the world.

Especially in India, many people are cheated for abroad job recruitments. This app is created especially to stop these scams and makes the abroad job recruitment's safer. The app lists all the visa scams so that if a person gets an offer letter from an unknown agency or person, he or she can check the authenticity of the job offer letter through this app. No other app in the world gives this feature. Also, you can give awareness to others using “Forum". Enjoy the app and let us know your experience.

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