Learn Driving Easily by Learning the Working and Techniques

Learn Driving Easily by Learning the Working and Techniques

While learning the car , one should know the following things.
1. Use of ABC (accelerator brake clutch )
One should know how to use ABC. The accelerator is calibrated differently in every car. Sometimes it is loose and sometimes it is tight. So first check that. After this, brake ,it is the same as the accelerator, sometimes loose or sometimes tight, so be careful of that. A Clutch is important part. It should be properly engaging and disengage, because if it not applied properly, the ignition may get off with a small jerk. Sometimes , it feels hard to shift the gear , that time it is issue of improper clutch press. You can also use the clutch as a brake, not to stop the vehicle , only to reduce speed.
2 Gears
The gears play an important role. You should know the way and the speed at which the gear to be shifted. While moving from the idle position, use first gear. Sometimes the vehicle has initial acceleration and that why you don't need to press the accelerator just leave clutch properly and the vehicle will start moving.

3 Judgment
The main part of driving is judgment. One should be aware of the stuff that the vehicle has some limitations. It requires sufficient space to pass through any gap or any small lane. That what the judgment is. One should know the proper prediction of whether the car will cross the obstacles or not. Sometimes we have to assume a reference mark which will help us to get the proper judgment.
4 Accessories
You should know, how to use Accessories like headlight, foglamp, wiper, Horn and indicator. Also, u should know how to give passing. It is required for the highway.
5 Confidence
If you have Confidence then u can do it easily. That is required because while driving many people gets fear of upcoming vehicle or vehicle passing by our vehicle so, to overcome that fear one should have enough confidence.

  • Get familiar with your car.
  • Correct your seating position.
  • Avoid distractions.
  • Adjust your seat in regards to the pedals.
  • Steering wheel position.
  • Remember to use turn signals.
  • Don't over- speed.
  • Maintain a considerable distance from other vehicles.


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