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Notification recording app

  • Have you missed notifications that you were going to check later due to Reboot or Wrong clearing?
  • This app record notification is shown in the status bar. So you can check notifications that you have removed.


Easy-to-read notification history
  • List all the notification history in chronological order.
  • You can see the notification history grouped by each app.
  • You can check the full text of notifications in detail dialog shown by the tapping list.
  • You can adjust the maximum number of records to the 100 - 2,000.
  • You can check notification history anytime from the status bar icon.
Clean management in exclusion of unnecessary notifications
  • The app ignores the notification if the app has been registered to the "Ignore list".
  • It is easy to understand the configuration state of the "ignore list".
  • It is easy to find the app showing unnecessary notification for you.
  • You can uninstall the unnecessary app from this app.
Easy initial setting
  • Simply enable "Past Notification" in "System Settings / Accessibility", and then the app start to recording notification histories.
  • To stop recording notifications, please disable it.
This app will NEVER collect any other information, except notifications. And the permission of the network is used by only ads and checking updates.


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