How to calculate paint quantity for your house

When we start our minds to build a house, many of us are thinking of painting and painting.

The main components of the paint are the color pigment (binder) that helps to add color to the wall or other material, solvents soluble in liquid solvents and additives that are resistant to fungal and other materials.

Solvents used to distinguish paint are generally water-based and self-centered. Many of the salt-based solvents are easily condensed into the atmosphere. There are also many health problems. In many countries, the amount of these factors should below.

The primer used for painting, furniture, varnishing that helps in enhancing the shape of the casual, Janelle, etc. can cause many health problems.

Paint and roller coating contain many heavy metals and rapidly evaporating organic compounds.

Besides heavy metals such as lead, nickel, zinc and cadmium, acetone, Xylene, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Methyl ethyl Ketone and Magnesium Silicate Painted in quick-condensed organic compounds.


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