Text Expander for Auto Text

Typing Hero is a high quality, yet free text expander app. It helps you transform (expands) your own keyword to any lengthy text you want in an instant.


  • Unlimited Snippet (pair of keyword and text)
  • Import "Phrases" from Texpand
  • Undo text expansion by pressing Delete/Backspace
  • Show matching Snippet as you type
  • Expand text according to typed keyword case
  • Search
  • Translation: English, Indonesian, Spanish (Beatriz Villanueva Molina, Joel Israel Garcia), Italian (Gabriele D'Ettorre), German (Rainer Lang, Steffen Trog), Hindi (Sangam Panda), French (Enzo), Chinese (Zero), Russian (Max Sergeyenko), Turkish (Ross)

  • Dark theme
  • Snippet to insert date and time information
  • Snippet to copy the text in the current input component
  • Snippet to paste the text into a current input component
  • The snippet with multiple texts
  • Snippet to perform a simple math operation
  • App whitelist (allow Typing Hero to work only for certain apps)


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