Slow motion and speed motion video recorder

Make a slow-motion video You can also make magic fast motion video

Make a slow-motion video! You can also make magic fast motion video. The output video can be uploaded to Youtube or Instagram - show your friends and get hundreds of likes.

Slow Motion Video FX lets you choose the speed of the output movie.
A few ideas:

  • record your speech and make it slow - you'll sound really strange
  • make your speech fast - you will sound like a tiny little mouse
  • record some objects falling down like table spoon, nuts, seeds and make it slow - it will look funny.
  • record you spitting water and slow it down.
  • record your pets in slow motion and of course, all other ideas that come to your mind.
Now you have a slow-motion camera in your pocket. Slow-motion, fast motion and more video effects.

Record beautiful videos with motion effects. You can record, slow motion video, fast motion, motion blur and many more video effects. Share on social networks and impress your friends.

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