Know about currency rate daily

Tired of checking currency exchange rates for remittance to the home country before making an international money transfer.

This application provides information about currency exchange rate & charges for different remittance centers Pakistan, Bangladesh Philippines, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Srilanka.

Select the from and to currencies you wanted to monitor the rate and set the money value you expect, it's done.


"Currency Transfer Rate" App Exchange between the following Countries.
  • Saudia Arabia to Pakistan.
  • Saudia Arabia to India.
  • Saudia Arabia to Bangladesh.
  • Saudia Arabia to Philippines.
  • Saudia Arabia to Nepal.
  • Saudia Arabia to Indonesia.
  • Saudia Arabia to Srilanka.
Check the rate of exchange for,
  • Enjaz
  • Fawri ANB 
  • Tele Money
  • NCB Quick Pay
  • Tahweel Al Rajhi
  • Western Union
  • Express Money
  • Money Gram
Simple and Easy User Experience.

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