Clean up your Media Files Right Now

Is your iPhone Storage full? Free up space on iPhone with Phone Cleaner for Media Files.

Find and remove the biggest media files, remove unneeded duplicate photos to free up space on your iPhone.

Phone Cleaner for Media Files helps to easily find the photos and videos which take up the most storage space on your device.

Most frequently, we run out of space because of photos and videos. There may be times when you find that even 256GB isn't enough space for everything you want to store. Fortunately, with the app, this problem can be quickly solved.

How to free up storage on iPhone with Phone Cleaner for Media Files,
  • Find and remove the biggest photos and videos.
  • Find and remove similar looking photos.
Find and remove the largest media files,
  • Launch the app and see the largest photos and videos.
  • Swipe down to trash a photo/video or swipe left to view the next photo/video.
  • Go to Trash, delete the selected files to free up storage space.
Find and remove similar photos,
  • Switch to the Similar section.
  • Select useless similar looking photos.
  • Go to Trash and delete similar photos.
Phone Cleaner for Media Files allows you to see how much space each picture and video occupies and what useless similar photos you have. Then use the app to clean up iPhone of unneeded media files.

Also, you can use the Favorites section and Hidden options to protect selected files from being deleted accidentally.

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