Caller ID app for unkown persons

"Who's Calling? Pro" reads the name of the calling party for incoming phone calls or the sender's name of a received message.

Main features are,
  • Supports phone, SMS, WhatsApp and custom apps (e.g. FB Messenger).
  • Uses default TTS (Text-To-Speech) engine and language pack. Please ensure that "voice data" in TTS settings are installed.
  • Configurable format of spoken caller ID (first name, display name, ...).
  • Certain contacts can be disabled or a custom name can be defined.
  • Speech volume can be configured relative to ring tone volume.
  • Test mode to simulate incoming calls and messages.
  • Mute speech by flipping the phone.
  • The configurable number of times it repeats the caller ID.
  • Possible to activate alerting only when connected to Bluetooth (R) hands-free.
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